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Track the status of your PLUS or Alternative loan application

Student and parent borrowers are able to track the status of their Federal PLUS and/or alternative loan by visiting our loan processing web site. We use ELM Resources of Oakland, California, as our electronic loan processing system. At their web site you can check the approval status of your loan application, see if Hampshire has certified the loan and for how much, when the disbursements are scheduled, and whether a payment to Hampshire has been made and the amount of the payment.

Visit www.elmresources.com , click on "Student Loan Borrowers"; click on "Check My Loans On ELMNet." Enter your ID and password. If this is the first time on ELMNet, you will need to create an ID and password.

Students can access their alternative loans, parents can access their federal PLUS loans.

The ELM system does not maintain loan balances, payment histories, or repayment plan choices. You will need to contact the individual lender or servicer for specific information about your loan.

If your loan is not processed through the ELM system you will not be able to track the status using ELM. You will need to contact the lender or servicer directly to learn the status of your loan.

MEFA and Key Bank Achiever loans are not processed through the ELM system.


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