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Questions for Your Campus Visit

In order to assure that your visit to a college campus is productive, consider creating a list of questions pertaining to issues that are important to you that you would like answered. I recommend beginning with some of the questions listed below. My list is not meant to be complete, but it is to serve as a guide to help you clarify what college information is necessary to assist you in selecting a good school.


1. Approximately what high school average do you expect an applicant to have? What rank in class?
2. What admissions tests (SAT/ACT) do you require? When should these tests be taken? What is the range of scores you find acceptable?
3. What factors are important in your selection process? What importance do you give to a student's academic program, extracurricular activities, special talents, recommendations?
4. What type of admissions procedure do you follow? Do you have rolling admission? Early decision? What are the deadlines and notification dates?


1. What majors or academic programs is your university especially noted for? Any unique programs? Pre-professional programs? ROTC?
2. How large are the classes? What is the student-faculty ratio?
3. How do freshmen choose their courses? What courses are required?
4. At what point does a student have to choose a major?
5. What percentage of your students complete the four-year programs at your school?


1. What is the annual cost--tuition and fees--for students? Estimated cost for books and personal supplies?
2. What financial assistance is available?
3. Is all financial aid based on need, or do you offer merit scholarships? Scholarships for students with special talents? Athletics scholarships?
4. Do you offer any work/study programs?
5. Can students work on campus? Are there jobs on campus for students not receiving financial aid assistance?
6. If admitted, when do you require a deposit, and under what circumstances is the deposit refundable?
7. What percentage of students receive financial assistance?


1. How far is your campus from the local community? Is there easy access to stores and other community facilities?
2. Does the college/university or nearby community offer cultural opportunities?
3. Is there easy access to stores and other community facilities?
4. What is the composition of the student body geographically?
5. If you have fraternities and sororities, what percentage of students belong to these organizations?
6. What are the athletic facilities like? What intercollegiate sports for men and women are available? What intramural sports are available?
7. If the college/university is associated with a religious denomination, are members of other denominations required to attend classes in religion of any kind?
8. Are there religious groups on campus? Are there places of worship on campus or nearby?


1. What percentage of your students live on campus? What percentage of the students stay on campus over the weekends?
2. What types of housing are available? Can the students cook in the residence halls? Must students who live on campus purchase a meal plan?
3. How are roommates selected? Can a student change if he/she is not compatible with the roommate?
4. Are the residence halls coed or single sex? What rules do you have regarding visitation?
5. Are residence halls quiet enough so that students can study in their rooms, or do they usually study in the library?
6. Are freshmen required to live on campus? Are residence halls available to students after their freshmen year?


1. Are there counseling facilities on campus? Can a student go to an office or center to receive counseling for educational or personal problems? Does the faculty make itself available to students for consultation and guidance?
2. What facilities do you have for career guidance? Must students seek career guidance, or is it a part of the educational program?
3. Are students given any assistance finding summer jobs in their fields of interest?
4. How much assistance is given to students in finding jobs upon graduation?
5. What percentage of last year's graduating class was successful in obtaining jobs related to their major fields of study?
6. What percentage of students go on to graduate school? Approximately how many students each year go on to medical/dental/law school, etc.? What is their acceptance rate into the graduate program?


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