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Lender's pre-approval process

We strongly encourage parents and students to use the lender’s pre-approval process. Borrowers may apply over the phone or via the lender’s web site. Pre-approved loans must be followed up with completion of the paper or on-line application form. To be considered as a financing option to cover the college bill, actual loan approvals, not pre-approvals, are required by mid-August for fall term registration and by mid-January for spring term registration. A loan in process is not acceptable after these times.

Student borrowers are usually required to provide the following information if applying over the phone or internet:
� social security number;
� date of birth;
� driver’s license number and state;
� loan period and amount;
� name, address, and phone number of reference (other than co-signer).

Co-signers will be asked the following information:
� student’s social security number and PIN if applying on the internet;
� driver’s license and state;
� date of birth;
� gross monthly income;
� monthly housing cost;
� home telephone, with area code;
� employment information;
� other income information, if applicable.

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