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 Since college is different than high school, many college students have trouble adjusting to college life. Subjects in college are covered more rapidly and many students have a difficult time retaining all the material that is covered in one quarter of college because the same amount of material is discussed in a year at high school. One may discover that he or she can become stressed with all that college demands; however, if one follows a few guidelines, he or she can become a good college student. The following actions can make an average college student into a great college students: showing up for class everyday, studying, and asking questions.

When one is faced with more independence in college by living away from home, he or she may find it difficult to attend class everyday; however, being present everyday in college can be very essential to good grades. Since teachers cover a vast amount of material in one day, a student could miss important topics that he or she may be tested on at a later date. One may also miss important announcements such as test dates, and he or she might miss a test. Being present in class also allows one to have a better grasp of the subject. One may find that he or she can retain a subject better by listening in class and reading the text as a reference. A college student may also discover that he or she can understand a subject much better when it is being discussed instead of relying on the book as the only source. Being present for class is vital and may shorten the time one must spend studying.

Studying is another vital action that can make one a good student. Many students don't take time to study for lack of time or lack of interest; however, studying can improve one's grades and help a student be prepared. All students may agree that tests can be stressful, but studying can relieve stress because the student will feel better prepared to take the test. One may find that instead of memorizing items on a subject for a test, he or she can benefit by studying material because the student will remember material even after the test has been taken. Studying for a test not only relieves stress and increases one's memory, but good study habits can also improve one's reading skills. By reading material over and over when studying, a student may discover that he or she will begin to read at a greater speed and be more able to retain important points of the text or notes. If one can't grasp a subject by attending class or studying, he or she might decide to ask questions.

By asking questions, a student in college can increase his or her understanding of a subject. A good college student will ask questions because even if he or she may be familiar with a topic, asking a questions may make a student more confident about the material. Asking questions not only gives a better understanding of a topic, but questions may also challenge students by opening up a topic for discussion. By allowing students to question and talk about a subject, the material may even become interesting or fun for a student. Asking questions not only benefits the student that is asking questions, but other students can learn from the questions that are being asked. Classmates may even discuss the answer and help the person asking questions.

With more difficult material being covered in less time at college a student is challenged to keep grades high, but attendance, good study skills, and discussions with teachers can benefit one in college. By following the three guidelines, one may realize that college can be a wonderful experience if he or she decides to be a good student.

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