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Money bytes is our credit education and personal finance resource for Hampshire students and their parents. At this site, we will present many timely financial topics, along with related web sites, and interactive exercises, all to educate and inform. We want to be sure that our students have relevant information they need to build money skills now to enjoy financial well being in the future.

Click on the topics listed to the left. More topics will be added. We hope that you find these topics interesting, informative, timely, and maybe even a little fun.

Additional information may be found at Credit and Debt, an on-line credit education service provided by our loan guarantor, the National Student Loan Program (NSLP). Here you can review information, take a credit quiz, and participate in some fun, yet informative, activities.

One word of caution: the Credit and Debt site has a section titled "Repaying student loans." This section describes repayment plans for Stafford Loans. Since Hampshire College participates in the Direct Loan program be aware that repayment options for Direct loans differ slightly from those of Stafford loans.

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