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College Search Process

The best advice for a stress-free and enjoyable college search process is to PREPARE. The extra effort you put into this activity now will save you the unnecessary frustration and discouragement that sometimes accompanies the college search process. "How should I prepare for the all-important college search process?" I'm glad you asked. . .

Phone for information from each school in advance of a visit.

When you call the admissions office, ask for the following:

1. application view book
2. fees and charges brochure
3. visitation information
4. undergraduate catalog

Read the materials carefully with pen in hand (and take notes!)

While reading, try to locate answers to the following:

1. Is my major program offered?
2. What is the total tuition per year?
3. Is there a freshmen housing requirement?
4. What is the application fee?/Is there an application deadline?
5. When is there an opportunity to visit the campus?
6. What are the college's/university's admissions requirements?

Explore your options.

1. Schedule a personal interview with an admissions representative.
2. Schedule a visit for a campus open-house.
3. Create a pro and con list for each college you visit.
4. Attend college/university high school visit presentations.

Prioritize your options.

Ask yourself, "What's important to me?"

1. environment
2. sports
3. class size
4. financial aid/scholarships

Ask questions before, during, and after.

If after you visit you still have unanswered questions, talk with the appropriate campus representatives to get answers before ruling out one of your choice schools.

Re-evaluate your options.

Now that you know the facts and figures, re-evaluate all of your options by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Am I looking for a small/large college, private/public school?
2. Will I need financial assistance to attend/continue?
3. Will the academic program meet my needs?
4. Is location a concern?
Do I want to be close to home/far away from home?
Do I want to be in-state/out-of state?
5. With all things considered, do I see a future for myself at the university?


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