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College Loan for Parents and Students

We realize that the cost of attending may require some families to borrow their estimated family contribution. We advise that the overall borrowing done by the student be kept to a minimum.

The suggested hierarchy of loan borrowing is:
1. student maximizes his/her federal Direct loan;
2. parent borrows a federal PLUS loan or a sponsor loan to cover balance of bill;
3. if additional funds are needed, student, with parent as co-signer, borrows a small MEFA or alternative loan. We recommend no more than $5000 per year be borrowed in a MEFA or an alternative loan.

The lenders listed on this site work closely and effectively with Hampshire and, together, we have implemented many enhancements to the loan application process including:
* borrowers receive immediate credit decision on-line or over the phone;
* borrowers have the option of using an electronic signature process ensuring timely processing of the application;
* borrowers using on-line application process receive same level of privacy and security as a traditional paper process;
* funds are sent to Hampshire electronically ensuring timely receipt of payment.

With each of the loans described in this section, the maximum loan amount is the cost of education less estimated financial aid (including a Federal Direct loan.) Each loan requires that Hampshire’s loan counselor certify the maximum loan amount. Each loan also requires the student to be making satisfactory academic progress according to Hampshire’s guidelines.

We encourage all borrowers to use the lender’s pre-approval process via phone or internet.

Realize that lenders, servicers, guarantors, and loan holders may change their loan fees, benefits, terms, margins over the index, the interest index, and other loan related criteria at any time.

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