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Denmark Accredited Colleges and Universities

1. University of Copenhagen
  2. Aarhus University
  3. University of Southern Denmark
  4. Roskilde University
  5. Aalborg University

  1. Technical University of Denmark
  2. The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
  3. Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
  4. Copenhagen Business School
  5. The Aarhus School of Business
  6. The Danish University of Education
  7. IT University of Copenhagen
  8. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts-School of Architecture
  9. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts-School of Visal Arts
  10. Aarhus School of Architecture
  11. Royal Danish Academy of Music
  12. Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus

  1. Engineering College of Copenhagen
  2. Engineering College of Aarhus
  3. Engineering College of Odense
  4. Herning Institute of Business Administration and Technology
  5. Vitus Bering Centre for higher Education

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