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TOEFL Exercises in Listening

1. (A) She taught others about the computer.
(B) She earned a lot by using a computer.
(C) She taught herself how to use the computer.
(D) She had to get help to use the computer.

2. (A) I missed one art history class.
(B) I always attend the art history class.
(C) I've never taken an art history class.
(D) History is the only class I have besides art.

3. (A) Carolyn enjoys tennis as much as she does golf.
(B) Carolyn now likes tennis more than golf.
(C) Carolyn used to like tennis, but not anymore.
(D) Carolyn's favorite sport is golf.

4. (A) Did you return the right book?
(B) You should turn the page in your book.
(C) Did you write the book after you returned?
(D) I believe you brought the book back already.

5. (A) The phone rang just before she fell sleep.
(B) She woke up when the phone rang.
(C) She couldn't go to sleep because she was waiting for a phone call.
(D) She was sleeping so soundly that she didn't hear the phone.

6. (A) The game ended in a tie.
(B) John lost his tie at the game.
(C) The team scored only one point.
(D) John's point won the game.

7. (A) Mark wasn't able to forgive the rude action.
(B) I didn't act as rudely as Mark did.
(C) Mark was so rude that he cannot be forgiven.
(D) I was rude not to forgive Mark.

8. (A) When I'm angry, I hate to be quiet.
(B) I was hungry and I told them so.
(C) What I heard made me angry.
(D) I was too hungry to talk.

9. (A) I refuse to act that way any longer.
(B) I don't want you to put the light on now.
(C) I used to think you were silly.
(D) I won't tolerate your foolish behavior anymore.

10. (A) They're standing and looking at the newspaper.
(B) The newsstand probably has the magazine.
(C) They don't understand the news.
(D) That magazine has no mews.

11. (A) I moved the flowers so they would get more light.
(B) The room looked brighter once I cleaned the windows.
(C) I like the flowers because they make me feel better.
(D) Bright sunlight keeps me in good spirits.

12. (A) This is the second pen I've borrowed today.
(B) I bought two pens that look like yours.
(C) I wish I'd brought another pen.
(D) You can borrow my pen for a few seconds.

13. (A) Do you agree that Mike will do well in his course?
(B) Don't you think Mike needs an organic chemistry course?
(C) I don't think Mike is gook in chemistry.
(D) I believe you'll succeed if you work with Mike.

14. (A) A good worker can handle a screwdriver.
(B) The drivers are distributing information.
(C) The school is hiring more bus drivers.
(D) School-bus drivers may use hand signals.

15. (A) He was very tense early today.
(B) He should have paid the attendants.
(C) He was paid at ten without warning.
(D) He should have been more attentive.

16. (A) The lights went out when we got home.
(B) Our home is well lighted.
(C) We came home before dark.
(D) It was right outside our house.

17. (A) It doesn't seem as though she's been here that long.
(B) I think she'll be ready to travel soon.
(C) She's been considering the offer for nearly six weeks.
(D) Every six weeks she comes here to visit us.

18. (A) You can buy some meat from them.
(B) They all want to try for themselves.
(C) They will greet me one by one.
(D) You will get to know them in a short while.

19. (A) Mary drove back and forth to work twice today.
(B) Mary took a long time to do her work.
(C) Mary took her lunch with her to work.
(D) Mary usually gets to work in much less time.

20. (A) May I meet with you?
(B) Please let me see the scenery.
(C) Please save a seat for me.
(D) Would you like one or two?

21. (A) She thinks it's too difficult.
(B) She thinks it's very interesting.
(C) She hasn't quite decided what she thinks.
(D) She hasn't actually read it yet.

22. (A) She has totaled up the figures correctly already.
(B) She hopes the man will do the calculations as soon as possible.
(C) Tomorrow will be too late to submit the figures.
(D) They should finish the calculations tomorrow.

23. (A) He got off the bus at the wrong stop.
(B) He has a good reason to be angry.
(C) He isn't careful with his belongings.
(D) He doesn't have an extra umbrella.

24. (A) She has another meeting all day.
(B) She feels the grade is all right.
(C) She thinks it would be wrong to change the grade.
(D) She can meet with the student that afternoon.

25. (A) Finish the first half of the project right away.
(B) Make an effort to reach a compromise.
(C) Have the teacher review the project.
(D) Meet his partner in the middle of town.

26. (A) To a real estate agency.
(B) To a car rental agency.
(C) To a computer store.
(D) To a videocassette store.

27. (A) They always agreed on the same points.
(B) They both arrived at the same moment.
(C) He met with Amanda five more times.
(D) He took Amanda to both plays.

28. (A) Paul will go out of his way to help.
(B) Paul passes by the dry cleaner's anyway.
(C) Paul picks out the right clothes.
(D) Paul makes himself right at home.

29. (A) Ate all the food.
(B) Cleaned the kitchen.
(C) Fixed the refrigerator.
(D) Left the groceries out.

30. (A) Studying microbiology for a year.
(B) Teaching biology.
(C) Taking a nap.
(D) Taking a different course.

31. (A) Whether the man really saw Joe.
(B) How the man knows Joe.
(C) How Joe's been doing lately.
(D) What show they saw in New York.

32. (A) In the woman's house.
(B) In the man's house.
(C) In the laboratory.
(D) In the library.

33. (A) Potatoes are more nutritious than eggs.
(B) The eggs are next to the potatoes.
(C) Most health food stores sell potatoes and eggs.
(D) The second course will be potatoes and eggs.

34. (A) Moving office furniture.
(B) Hanging a poster.
(C) Painting a room.
(D) Reading a news bulletin.

35. (A) Harry can't throw the ball very well.
(B) Harry's a good ballplayer.
(C) Harry's not allowed to play baseball.
(D) Harry's sure to play ball today.

36. (A) A librarian.
(B) A professor.
(C) A researcher.
(D) A student.

37. (A) All second-year students who failed first-year English.
(B) All first-, second-, third-year students.
(C) Students who don't know how to write a research paper.
(D) Students who want extra credit in English.

38. (A) Take notes.
(B) Help the other students.
(C) Speak to her after class.
(D) Enroll in another English class.

39. (A) Astronauts' clothing.
(B) Products made in space.
(C) Costume jewelry.
(D) Problems in manufacturing.

40. (A) Medical research.
(B) Ballpoint pens.
(C) Children's games.
(D) Jewelry settings.

41. (A) To produce them more cheaply.
(B) To keep them a uniform size.
(C) To make them lighter.
(D) To make them perfectly round.

42. (A) Space particles.
(B) Precious stones.
(C) Plastic.
(D) Metal.

43. (A) The strength of its shipbuilding industry.
(B) The physical features of the river itself.
(C) The abundance of fruit, vegetables, and livestock.
(D) The similarity of climate to that in Europe.

44. (A) There are no rapids or waterfalls.
(B) There is a constant, strong wind.
(C) Navigation is rather difficult.
(D) Frequent storms cause problems for riverboats.

45. (A) Big waves pose a threat to commercial navigation.
(B) The river current never flows faster than ten miles per hour.
(C) The river reverses its flow several times a day.
(D) High tides can create sudden and unexpected rapids.

46. (A) To allow several sails to be rigged.
(B) To add to the beauty of the basic design.
(C) To catch winds coming from over the hills.
(D) To allow the sails to be raised more quickly.

47. (A) He has a lot of free time.
(B) Many of his friends are actors.
(C) She knows he likes acting.
(D) He's looking for an acting job.

48. (A) One night a week.
(B) Every Wednesday for three hours.
(C) Every other Thursday.
(D) Three times a week.

49. (A) He has to rearrange his evening schedule.
(B) His schoolwork takes up most of his time.
(C) He hasn't been in a play for a long time.
(D) He might not like the way the group works.

50. (A) See her on Wednesday.
(B) Learn his part quickly.
(C) Enjoy the rehearsal.
(D) Pick her up on Thursday.

Original Text for TOEFL Practice Exercises

1.She learned to use the computer on her own.
2.The art history class is one I never miss.
3.Carolyn's favorite sport used to be golf,but now it's rennis.
4.You returned the book this morning,right?
5.She was about to go to sleep when the phone rang.
6.The game was tied until John scored the winning point.
7.To act as rudely as Mark did is unforgivable.
8.I just sat there and ate,too hungry to say a word.
9.From now on,I refuse to put up with your silliness.
10.They should look for that magazine at the newsstand.
11.The flowers in the window really brighten my spirits.
12.If I'd brought a second pen,I wouldn't have to borrow yours.
13.Don't you think Mike will succeed in the organic chemistry course?
14.The school bus drivers are handing our schedules.
15.If he had just paid more attention this morning.
16.We reached home while it was still light outside.
17.To think she's been here six weeks already.
18.You will be able to meet these people by and by.
19.It took Mary twice as long as usual to drive to work.
20.I want to see the view,too.
21.M:I thought this book was going to be really boring.
W:But it's actually quite fasinating,isn't it?
Q:What does the woman say about the book?
22.M:This is hopeless.These figures still don't add up right.Let's do the calculations over again.
W:Yes,but why not do them tomorrow.It's very late now.
Q:What does the woman mean?
23.W:I think Tom left his umbrella on the bus.
M:Why he's so irresponsible is beyond me.
Q:What does the woman say about Tom?
24.M:Professor Joans,when can we meet to discuss my grade?
W:Would four o'clock be all right?
Q:What does the professor mean?
25.M:My chemistry project is in trouble because my partner and I had totally different ideas about how to proceed.
W:You should try to meet each other half way.
Q:What does the woman suggest that the man do?
26.M:I have to look for a room to rent.
W:How about trying Caders?Tey usually have a long list of places.
Q:Where will the man probably go?
27.W:Did you and Amanda really meet exactly,five minutes to two in front of the theatre?
M:Yes,we were both there on the dot.
Q:What does the man mean?
28.W:Should we ask Paul to pick up our clothes at the dry cleaners?
M:Why not,it's right on his way home.
Q:What does the man mean?
29.W:Well,you cleaned out the refrigerator this time.You must have beenreally hungry.
M:All did was fix a snack.There weren't many leftovers from yesterday.
30.M:Catherine is taking a microbiology course this semester.
W:Should she be taking that this year?
Q:What does the woman imply that Catherine should be doing?
31.M:We just saw Joe when we were in New York.
W:Really,what's new with him?
Q:What does the woman want to know?
32.M:Hey,where did you find that journal?I need it for my research too.
W:Right here,but don't worry,I'll take it out on my card for both of us.
Q:Where is this conversation probably taking place?
33.W:Eggs are supposed to be one of the most healthful foods.
M:Next to potatoes.
Q:What does the man mean?
34.W:Fill could you give me a hand with this file cabinet?It belongs against the wall,next to the bulletin board
M:At your service.
Q:What are the speakers doing?
35.M:Harry can sure play baseball.
W:Can't he,though
Q:What does the woman mean?
Good morning,students,the school bulletin lists this course as a required writing courrse fir second-years students.This does nto mean the first-year or third-year students may not take it.What it means is that those of you who have never learned how to write a research paper ought to be here,and those of you who already know how shouldleave immediately and sign up for another Enlish course.I hope to cover the entire process of writing a researel paper from selecting a topic to putting together the final former and presentation.I'll be here to help you every step of the way.But it is your responsibilty to hand in each assignment or time.Your final grade will be the grade yu receive on your paper.
36.Who was the speaker?
37.For whom is the course intended?
38.What does the speaker ask the students to do who have already learned to write a research paper?
Question 39-42
M:Did you know that astronauts have made commercial products in space?
W:No,I wasn't aware of that.What kind of products?
M:Tiny plastic beads.
W:Beads?Do you mean to tell me that astronauts have nothing better to do than make jewelry beads in space?I seems to me they could make more useful things out there.
M:Oh,but these beads aren't for jewely.They can be used for many scientiffic purposes,from conducting cancer research to calibrating microscopes.
W:That sounds better,But why make such objects in space rather than on earth?
M:Because earth gravitational pull affects the beads.The beads produced on earth are distorted,not exactly round.The ones made in space are precise spheres.
39.What are the speakers mainly discussing?
40.According to the conversation,what is the likely use for thebeads?
41.According to the man,why did astronauts make the beads in space?
42.What material were the beads made of?
Question 43-46
Today,I would like to begin by discussing early European settlement along one of our well-known rivers,the Hudson,which empties into the Atlantic to form New York bay.The Hudson river has a couple of interesting physical features that made it very attactive for settlement by the Europeans.The first is that the river extends inland from the Atlantic Ocean for more than 150 miles with no waterfalls or rapids,Its surface is virtually flat for that entire distance,with to obstacles.Secound,the whole 150-mile stretch is infuenced by tides from the Atlantic Ocean.Roughly every six hours the river reverses direction.flwoing north when the tide is rising and south toward the ocean when the tide is going down.Obviously there were no obstacles to prevent settles from moving farther upstream on the Hudson river,and this explains why the Dutch penetrated so far inland.They were the first Europeans to settle in the Hudson valley.Of course,to go upsteeam,the Dutch settlers needed the right kind of boat,and so to navigate the reiver,they design a soon with only one mast but with two salls,one rigged in front of the mast and on behind,The mast was very tall,in many cases over 100 feet tall so that the large salls could catch winds blowing above the shore line hills.Hudson river sloops carried passengers and cargo.The cargo ranging form coal,lumber and hay to fruit,vegetables and livestock.Travelling onlly ten milles an hour in a good wind,the sloop was not too speedy by modern standards,but it was ideally suited to the Dutch settlement,and in fact when the steam boat eventually was introduced,it couldn't keep up with the sloop.
43.What attracted the Europeans to the Hudson river area?
44.What is the characteristic of the first 150 miles inland on the Huadon river?
45.How do tides form the Atlantic Ocean influence the Hudson river?
46.Accourding to the speaker,why did Hudson river sloops have tell masts?
Question 47-50
W:Hello,this is Susan Wilson.May I speak to Greg Robinson please?
M:Hi,Susan,it's Greg,What can I do for you?
W:Well,I'm calling about the theater group I belong to,the PRinceton Players,we are looking for more people to join us,expecially men and I thought you might be interested.
M:Oh,gosh,you know how much I love acting,but I'm taking some very hard courses,I might be able to learn my part,but I would hardly have time to come to tine rehearsals.
W:Well actuallymwe rehearse only one night a week,thursdays from seven to ten,though we would have to put in extra time before performance.
M:Only once a week you say,Well could you give me time to think it over?
W:Sure,but look,why don't you come and watch our rehearsal next Thursday?I think you will like the way we work,When you see how much fun it is,you will join right away.
M:Okay,I'll come to a rehearsal,but I can't promise more than that,
W:Great.I'll give you a call on Wednesday to remind you Talk to you then,bye now.
M:Bye Susan.
47.Whay does Suan think Greg might be interested in the theater group?
48.How often does the group rehearse?
49.Whay does Greg ask for time to think about whether be will join the group?
50.What does Suan expect Greg to do?


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