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Counting by numbers

In the global economy we're all supposed to master the mysteries of English, but how do you really know if your understanding of the idioms and prepositions that keep the language schools in business is going to be enough for the schools? The TOEFL has played the role of the World English Test for the past 20 years or more, and despite its academic over-emphasis for the world of business, provides a quantified assessment of your level for the American universities. Once again the final question on the screen is going to be, "Do you wish to see your score?" Clicking on "yes" will reveal scores for each section of the test, and a range for your overall score. The range is due to the fact that the essays have to be sent to Princeton, where they will be corrected and integrated into the grammar score. You might for example see a scoring range from 225 to 250, which will be pr�cised once the essay has been corrected. Within two weeks the official final score will be mailed to you.

Scores are valid for two years, and if you didn't get the score you were looking for you can take the test a month later. The TOEFL doesn't carry the same threat as the GMAT or GRE of taking the test too many times, and the idea of improving your level of English over a period of months or years with subsequent increases in your TOEFL score will not worry the admissions officers.

The Scores on the doors

Business Week and US News have never reported average TOEFL scores at the top universities. The schools content themselves to indicate minimum requirements on the test to satisfy English language requirements. As such it is probably fair to conclude that obtaining the school minimums is sufficient, and an extra ten points on the TOEFL does not carry the same weight as extra ten points on the GMAT or GRE. However, do at least achieve the minimum score, or schools will expect you to take the test again. Arguing with a school representative that the three years spent working in London should exempt you or excuse the missing three points on the test will not work. Your time would be better spent brushing up on your English and hitting 250+.

What Is the Maximum TOEFL Score?

The maximum TOEFL score is 677 for paper-based test and 120 for TOEFL iBT.

Highest TOEFL Score Distribution

The iBT score distributes from 0 to 120, and the PBT score ranges from 200 to 677.

What Is a Good TOEFL Score?

There is no good TOEFL score. However, many schools requires minimum TOEFL score, e.g. 600 or 250. If your score is higher than the minimum, it can be considered a good score.

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