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University of San Diego, School of Law

Site: Italy: Florence
Dates: May 29-Jun 24

Duration: Summer, 2 to 4 wks

Subjects: Comparative law, International law, Italian language(beg/int)

Level: grads, teachers, professionals
Requires: previous study in field, law or bus students or grads thereof

Credit: Undergrad: none
Grad: 4
Doc: transcript, certificate

Cost: See website

Instruction: In: English
Students: mainly US
Formats: Language Study, Lecture, Seminar

Housing: Arr by student: homestay, pensions, hotels, hostels, residence halls with local students, apartments with local students

Deadline: Mar 13

Other Info: US Accredited Sponsor: yes
Began: 1996
Orientation: abroad (2 days)
Activities: field trips, cultural events
Misc: Correspondence must be in English. Legal & some tourist visits arr by pgm Director. Loans avail for US students only.

Contact: Ms Cindy King, Law Pgms Abroad,
Univ of San Diego, Sch of Law,
5998 Alcala Park, LS 310,
San Diego, CA 92110-2492
Ph: 619-260 7460
Fax: 619-260 2230
Email: cking@sandiego.edu

or Contact: Ms Darlene Smith, Law Pgms Abroad,
Univ of San Diego,
5998 Alcala Pk LS 310,
San Diego, CA 92110-2492
Ph: 619-260 7460
Fax: 619-260 2230
Email: darlenes@sandiego.edu




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