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En Famille Overseas

Site: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
Dates: 1 wk or longer, yr-round

Duration: Yr-round, Multiple Program Lengths

Subjects: English, French language(beg/int/adv), German language(beg/int/adv), Italian language(beg/int/adv), Spanish language(beg/int/adv)

Level: jrs, srs, grads, adults, teachers, professionals
Requires: 1 yr previous lang study recommended; beg welcome,
Age: min: 13, avg: 19

Credit: Undergrad: none
Grad: none

Cost: UK 500 per wk
incl: tuition, housing, all meals
Nonrefundable fee

Instruction: In: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Students: intl
Formats: Language Study

Housing: Arr by pgm: homestay

Deadline: 6 wks before pgm

Other Info:
Began: 1945
Orientation: abroad (7 days or longer, intensive lang study)
Activities: excursions, cultural events
Misc: Work experience arr in France with three mos adv notice subject to visa regulations.

Contact: Mrs Mary-Louise Toms,
En Famille Overseas,
La Maison Jaune, Ave du Stade,
34210 Siran,
Ph: ; 33-46-891 4990
Fax: ; 33-46-891 4990
Email: marylou.toms@wanadoo.fr



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