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SAT Score Ranking (SAT Statistics)

The Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) is typically accepted by the upper echelon of universities. This test was developed in 1933 as James Bryant Contant's effort to find a test to administer to academically gifted boys ("Secrets"). PBS.org also reports that just eleven years later this test, the only college entrance exam of its time, was administered to 300,000 people in one day. Today, the maximum score a students can achieve on the SAT is a 2400 (as opposed to the former high score of 1600), which includes the new Writing assessment. The test is divided into two major categories: verbal and math. According to Education Week, the new writing assessment includes a 25 minute essay .The SAT format is primarily multiple choice, but a few questions in the math section that require the student to write their answer in. The SAT penalizes students for incorrect answers by .25 points. Last year students averaged 519 in the verbal portion an a 537 in the math portion. The SAT is renowned for testing students on their knowledge, as is the reason vocabulary and analogies are asked on the test. Like the ACT, expensive classes can be taken to improve your scores, and companies like Kaplan provide prior SAT administered tests with answers to help familiarize students with content and types of questions the SAT may inquire. In my knowledge, these books have boosted scores as advertised, but only slightly in most cases.


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