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SAT Subject Tests: Science

  •  In science as well as in every other subject, you must read the material you have. Read the textbook, handouts, notes-whatever you have. This will help you tremendously. If you don't understand a concept, go back and read the material over and over until you do understand it. If there are vocabulary words that you need to know to understand something, learn them. Take notes while you're reading, too. The physical act of writing helps store things in your mind that you might otherwise forget or pass over.
  • If your teacher gives a fact-based test, then take notes on the facts while you're reading the textbook or handouts. If your teacher gives a more conceptual test, then take notes on the main concepts and be prepared to explain them. The main idea here is to try and anticipate the test as much as possible which will make it easier to begin the studying process.
  • After you think you understand everything pretty well, read over all of you notes one more time. Usually the things that you have chosen to write down are of some importance, so it's a good idea to take a look at them again.
  • If you've done any labs, make sure that you understand the main concepts behind them. Be prepared to answer questions that might ask you what happens in a certain part of the lab-for example, you might be asked what color the litmus paper turned when solution number two was dropped on it and what that color change means. Basically-review your lab report and the lab instructions.

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