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SAT Subject Tests: Math

  • Read the text and do as many practice problems as possible. Check your answers with those in the back of the book or with a friend. If you're really lost, look at the sample problems or ask a teacher. If you're at the stage where you're still a little unsure with the material, practice all the types of problems that will be on the test until you know them cold. Once you've done all of the problems that the book offers and you think that you know what you need to know.well, then go over your notes and read in the textbook to make sure there isn't some tiny rule that you've overlooked.
  • If you have to study formulas, do that at the beginning of the study period so that after doing all those practice problems you'll know them. I recommend that you write them on the top of your homework or classwork as you're learning the material and then test yourself to see if you can do each problem without looking up at the formula. By doing this, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll learn them.
  • Make a study sheet to look at right before the test. Put formulas and sample problems on it so that you can have one last study session during the passing period before the test. While you're writing the study sheet, you'll reinforce your knowledge of the concepts as well.

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