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PSAT Preparation Tips: PSAT Study Guide

If you are sitting for the PSAT/NMSQT,  you should bring the following to the test administration:

  • At least 3 sharpened soft-lead (No. 2) pencils with erasers.
  • A wristwatch to pace yourself during the test. Do NOT bring a watch that has an alarm function. The use of scratch paper, notes, or dictionaries is NOT permitted! Scratch work is to be done in the test booklet.
  • Calculators are allowed on the math section of the exam. Many models are allowed; however, models with QWERTY (typewriter-style) keyboards are prohibited. PROHIBITED MODELS include Texas Instruments TI-89 and TI 92; Hewlett-Packard HP-40G and HP49G; Casio CFX-9970G and Algebra fx 2.0. Handheld or laptop computers, pocket organizers, and electronic writing pads or pen-input devices are also not allowed. If you have questions about whether your calculator is acceptable or not, please contact the Office of Academic and Enrollment Services for confirmation.

The following test-taking strategies are recommended:

  • Pace yourself to allow time for each question.
  • Read the directions for each test carefully.
  • Read each question carefully.
  • Answer the easier questions first.
  • Use logic in more difficult questions.
  • Review your work.
  • Answer every question because there is no penalty for guessing.
  • Be precise in marking your answer sheet-stay within the circles.
  • Erase all unintended marks completely.

There is a web site that may be useful to you in preparing for this exam:


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