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SAT Test Fees

Test Fees
SAT Reasoning Test $41.50
SAT Subject Tests
Basic registration fee
Language Tests with Listening
All other Subject Tests

add $19.00
add $8.00
Registration Services (add to total test fees)
Late registration fee $21.50
Re-registration by telephone $10.00
International processing fee (for students testing in countries other than the United States, U.S. territories, and Puerto Rico) $22.00
Security surcharge to test in India and Pakistan $21.50
Standby testing fee $36.50
Change test, test date, or test center fee $20.50
Additional Services
Question-and-Answer Service $18.00
Student Answer Service $10.00
Score Reporting Services
Extra score report to a college or scholarship program (in addition to the four score reports provided free of charge on the Registration Form or on the Correction Form)

Retrieval fee for archived scores $17.50
(additional fees may apply)
Telephone rush reporting service

plus $9.50
for each report
Telephone additional reports

plus $9.50
for each report
Scores by Phone $12.00
Additional Fees
Multiple-choice Hand Score Verification $50.00
Essay Score Verification $50.00



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