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College Essay Writing Tips

Most schools require you to write a autobiographical essay. High school grades do not tell enough about a person. Admission officers and selection committees need to know students in order to consider them as individuals. It is to your advantage to submit a well organized, well developed, concise and grammatically correct essay which conveys your experiences, your personality, and your hopes for the future.

Essay Tips

Check the rules- Read the instructions for the essay in the college application packet and make sure you understand them.

Start early and revise often- Once you have read and revised your essay, put it away for a week or so. After this rest period, re-read the essay requirements and go back to your essay to see if you fulfill them.

Be clear and focused- With each revision, your essay should be more focused, have smooth transition statements, and present a more cohesive story.

Be distinctive- Write an essay that distinguishes you from other applicants.

Include powerful experiences- Include experiences that will leave the reader with strong images, especially ones that have influenced your education or career goals.

Be enthusiastic, but reasonable- Show your enthusiasm, passion or commitment about causes, but be reasoned and logical in your discussions.

Be yourself- Most importantly, be honest and be yourself!

Review your final version carefully- Give your essay to an English teacher or someone with a background in grammar and spelling to make sure that you haven't made any mistakes. And make sure to keep a printed copy of your final version.

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