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What Kind of Questions Should I be Asking During an Interview

During most interviews, recruiters will at some point ask, "What would you like to know about us?" Anticipate this and plan ahead. Prepare three to five questions that demonstrate your advance preparation and allow you to explore areas that were not explained completely in recruiting literature.

For example, you may wish to inquire about some of the following: the length and content of a training program; the leadership styles at work in the department; the department's long term goals (and the role planned for you in meeting those goals); the career path of your predecessor(s) in the position the ways in which the position shapes one's lifestyle

If you honestly have no questions for a recruiter, you may wish to indicate that all your questions were answered by very thorough recruiting literature (or by others in the organization) and then summarize your key findings.

Postpone questions about salary, vacations, and benefits until the latter stages of the selection process. Ideally, these topics will be raised at an appropriate time by the employer, but if an employer offers you a position without spelling out salary, benefits, etc. you would need to raise these issues.

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