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Web Resume Design Guidelines

Whatever you can do on paper, you can do on the Web with more ease and creativity. Web r�sum�s can demonstrate your accomplishments and level of expertise with a personal style that is lost with traditional paper r�sum�s because you can communicate as much information about yourself as you need to achieve your career goals.

Simply stated, a Web r�sum� is a document containing clickable text and images created in HTML. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and is the set of codes called markup tags that control how documents look and behave on the Web. When these codes are inserted into a text document, they instruct Web browsers both how to display the document, and what to do when links are selected (or clicked). The term World Wide Web refers to that portion of the Internet that is available in HTML.

However, Web r�sum�s employ a unique set of design strategies in addition to traditional r�sum� development. The purpose of the Web R�sum� Design Guidelines is to provide pointers on some of those basic design strategies (not writing strategies) for holding a viewer's attention in presenting information about yourself.

This Web R�sum� Design Guidelines is not to be duplicated in any form without the exclusive permission of the author (see disclaimer below).

Designing your first Web R�sum�

Web r�sum�s can be as large as you want them to be, and visitors to your Web r�sum� can choose to concentrate on what topic of information interests them. Links, or hyperlinks are important navigational aids that make it easy for your visitors to locate the information they desire quickly.

  • Establish hyperlinks at the beginning of your r�sum� to important categories within your r�sum�. These might include hyperlinks to your specialized training and certifications.
  • Use hyperlinks to support, not distract the viewer. For example, adding a hyperlink to an employer’s Web site such as General Motors, will have the viewer wandering through the Web pages on that Web site, where they will likely lose interest in returning back to your r�sum�.
  • Use hyperlinks to aid in navigation. If your Web r�sum� scrolls down several screens, provide hyperlinks that let the viewer jump back to the top of the page, or jump back to a major section of your r�sum�.

Because you can easily update your Web r�sum�, you can easily keep it up to date.

  • Keep your r�sum� current. The unique nature of the Internet is that information is updated daily. Outdated information is quickly passed over for more current information.
  • Provide an obvious way to contact you. Many recruiters still like to see an address and phone number, in addition to a hyperlink to your email address.

Many people find reading from a computer screen harder than reading from a printed page. If recruiters have to scroll across pages and link among multiple pages to find the information they are looking for, this can have the undesired effect of discouraging them from further studying your r�sum�.

  • Keep your Web r�sum� to a single Web page. If a recruiter finds your r�sum� interesting, it’s going to get printed anyway. Multiple pages make printing a time-consuming process, since the recruiter would have to open each page and print them separately.
  • Provide a keyword summary. This gives viewers the opportunity to assess your skills and qualifications at a glance. There are two rules of thumb you can apply to keyword selection and presentation: 1) Limit the number of keywords to 25-35; and 2) Prioritize their order the same way you would prioritize the information presented in your r�sum�. Keyword summaries are also valuable indexing tools for search engines that either index using those words in your HTML <META> tags, or that index the first few sentences on your Web page itself.

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