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Two Types of Cover Letter


What is it?

  • A written response to an advertised job.
  • Only 15 - 33% of all jobs are advertised.


  • The employer expects and welcomes the application.
  • There is a job.
  • Job advertisements will sometimes state the job's selection criteria. (Note:-recruitment consultants often place the ad and often give very few details about the job or employer)
  • Selection criteria give you the information to write relevant information to show that you will fit in with the company/job. (See the example below.)
  • When the company name is revealed you have the opportunity to research and demonstrate your knowledge of the company/industry.
  • An advertised position gives you the chance to telephone and speak to the person who has the power to employ you.


  • There will be a higher level of competition for the position.


Decide what is ABC Engineering Pty. Ltd. looking for.

Respond to the selection criteria in the job advertisement.


What is it?

  • A letter you initiate to tap into non-advertised jobs (estimated at about 67 - 85% of the vacancies)
  • There are two types of uninvited letter; the cold contact letter and the referral letter

The Cold Contact Letter

What is it?

  • Blanket a given field of companies with direct-mail


  • Uncover hidden jobs.
  • A proactive rather that reactive approach.
  • It may lead to an interview or a referral to another company/job.
  • Demonstrate ability to research the: - name of the appropriate person in the company and details of the company/industry.
  • The employer will not be inundated with these applications and your application may receive a thorough reading.


  • The letter is uninvited.
  • It will receive little attention unless you provide a good reason for reading it.
  • There may be no job available.

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