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Three Types of Resume

Chronological Resume

The chronological resume lists your job titles starting with your current or most recent employment and then goes back timewise. This format is good for demonstrating growth in a single profession. It may not be suitable for those just out of school or for those changing careers. Template | Example

Functional Resume

The functional resume focuses on professional skills developed during your employment rather than on the when, where and what of each position. It organizes your experience in terms of skills and accomplishments. This resume format is good for career changers, frequent job changers and those with limited experience. It is also good for those who are returning to the workplace after a long absence. Template | Example

Combination Resume

The combination resume is a combination of both the chronological and the functional format. It demonstrates your skills and experience as themes and then your employment experience follows chronologically. It is recommended for mid-career changers and recent graduates. Template | Example

Combination Functional & Reverse Chronological Resume

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