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The Referral Letter

What is it Referral Letter?

  • A letter which is the product of networking.
  • It is basically the same as a cold contact letter but you name drop in it.
  • E.g. "I met with Jessica Brown last week and she mentioned that you might need someone with a background in marketing."

Advantages of a Referral Letter

  • Statistically this is the most successful method of getting a job.
  • The employer may give your letter a serious reading out of an obligation to the referring person.
  • As for cold contact letters.

Disadvantages of a Referral Letter

  • If you approach this situation poorly it may look as if you need someone else to help you get a job.
  • As for cold contact letters.

Sample Reference Sheet

How do you present your references to a potential employer? A single page of names, addresses and telephone numbers will probably be the most effective way to supply this information. This reference sheet may be included with your cover letter and resume, or delivered during a personal interview. The sample below show and easy way to organize this information.

Sample Reference Sheet


Your Name
Address and Phone Number and E-Mail



Business Title
City, State, Zip
Telephone Number

Business Title


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