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March 21, 1995


Mr. John Stone
Director of Marketing
ABC, Inc.
Madison, WI  53706

Dear Mr. Stone:

Opening: The first paragraph must spark the employer's interest.  State your reason for writing, making sure to identify the position or type of work for which you are applying.  I am  writing to express my interest in... I will graduate from Brandeis University in May, 1995 with a B.A. in... Also, indicate how you heard about the opening...which was advertised in The Boston Globe...  State why you are interested in working for this particular employer.  The research position  at ABC, Inc. is particularly interesting to me because...

Middle: The middle one or two paragraphs is your opportunity to sell  yourself to a prospective employer.  State your capacity to succeed in the specific field or position.  My qualifications are based on a combination of...  Emphasize your key qualifications.  Tie in pertinent  information gained from your research about the position or organization.
Remember, your resume states what you have done; the cover letter must integrate this with what you have learned.  Include a final sentence which summarizes the strength of your candidacy.  These experiences demonstrate my ability to...

In this paragraph, state clearly what happens next.  Provide the employer with additional information and again emphasize your career objective.  Enclosed is my resume for your review...  In most cases indicate that  you will call the employer to arrange an interview.  I will contact your office...to arrange an interview...  Keep the initiative on your side. 
Include contact information should your cover letter and resume become separated.  If you need additional  information, please call me at... Thank you.

(4 Spaces)
(Remember to sign your name)
Shirley Hired


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