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Submitting Resumes Electronically

Follow the job-posting guidelines
 If it is not absolutely clear, attach your resume as a Word document named "Your Last name, First name Resume.doc" and also paste a plain text version of your resume into your email cover letter. Many employers will open Word documents; some will not. Hedge your bets if you don’t know.
 When your resume hits an employer
This online article from the Electronic Resume Workshop tells you all you’ll ever want to know about submitting resumes, using keywords and converting to plain-text formats for pasting a resume into an e-mail.
 Use job boards

 Posting your resume on Monster.com and other job boards is fine, so long as you know it’s only a single element in a search. Posting is very public. On HuskyCareerLink, you can choose to "publish" your resume after you have uploaded it so that employers searching for candidates can review it.
 Follow up on your submissions
 Follow-up is important since there is a strong likelihood that you will receive no response at all to a significant number of your submissions. This is the norm in today's competitive market. You can follow up with an e-mail or a telephone call to inquire about the progress of the search. Some employers say that inventive persistence can be appealing and rewarded.
 Tips for mailing

 If you are mailing, use bond paper (white, cream or gray) and matching envelopes for the resume and cover letter.

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