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Scannable Resumes

A scannable resume is a resume designed to be entered into a computerized database. The resume is read by a scanner and stored in text form.


�Type Font: 11-12 point-size is ideal, use courier typeface. Do not underline or use italic fonts.
�Design: Keep it simple. Avoid use of columns, boxes, lines, symbols, pictures
�Format: Minimize use of bullets, hyphens or dashes. Format neatly using capitalized headings. Left justify your paragraphs.
�Paper: Use paper white or beige paper and of average thickness. Do not staple multiple page resumes, put your name on the top of each page and if possible, send an unfolded resume.
�Key Words: For the traditional resume action verbs are used to describe responsibilities. For the electronic resumes use nouns to describe qualifications, not verbs. When employers search a database of resumes, they can only search by key words, and those key words tend to be nouns. Use nouns that are used to describe your industry. Industry jargon is OK for the electronic resume. Put yourself in the employers place. What words would you search on to fill the position you are applying for?


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