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Sample Career Objective Statements for Selected Positions

Accountant: Seeking an accounting position in an aggressive organization. Long-term plans are to advance into a major management responsibility within the financial function of the firm.

Biological Technician: Seeking an entry-level position in biochemical laboratory, assisting biochemists in the chemical analysis of blood and other bodily fluids. Interested in working on environmental protection and control of air and water pollution.

Computer Operator: A position in computer operations with room for advancement.

Electronics Technician: Seeking a position in a medium-sized manufacturing company, testing, adjusting, and repairing electronic equipment.

Engineer: To obtain a position as an engineer in the field of structural engineering, stress analysis, or civil engineering.

Fitness Instructor: A challenging position in fitness instructional where motivational skills, exceptional personal skills, and energy will have application.

General Objective: To attain a position in the ___________ field where my experience and enthusiasm
will have application.

Interior Designer: Want to join the design staff of a large furniture store, home furnishings section of a large department store, or interior design firm.

Management: Management responsibility with an organization where demonstrated skills in sales, marketing, and administration can be translated into improvement growth and profitability.

Marketing Assistant: A position as an assistant in product marketing, development, or general research.

Marketing Research: To apply marketing and problem-solving skills in an analyst position for career growth

Office Manager: A challenging position as an office manager that will give me an opportunity to use my established secretarial skills.

Personnel Assistant: A position as personnel assistant in human resources department of public service organization that would permit me an opportunity to utilize my knowledge of wage administration, grievance procedures, benefit programs publications, safety, labor relations, and employment.

Sales Reprentative: To contribute exceptional sales ability and communications skills to a challenging Sales Representative position

Secretary:  A position as executive secretary for a large sales organization.

Supervisor: A technical or supervisory position in which skills in quality control, management, and manufacturing would be an asset.

Teacher: To attain a challenging position in Education, providing hands-on experience with (infants/adolescents).

These are merely sample statements of objective statements. Your objective should reflect you. Try to make it comprehensive enough to be applicable to a number of employers, yet not so general that it is meaningless.

If you are not using a one- or two-word description, fill in the blanks in the following statement:

A_____________position where skills in _____________ would be an asset in an organization valuing ________________.


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