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213 Rose street
Washington, Washington 13255
(124) 432 2421

24 July 2000

Personnel director
Avalon Clothes
213 Rose street
Washington, Washington 13255
(124) 432 2421

Re: Sales and marketing director position

Ms. Lindsey,

I am interested in the position of sales and marketing director, which you recently advertised on your web-page.

I have over 15 years of experience working in sales and marketing. My particular strength is bringing things under control. Over my 7 year employment as Anny Classic sales and marketing director, the company's sales increased by 320% and profits - by more than 1000% notwithstanding the overall decline in demand in high-quality high price clothes segment. Anny Classic is now one of the best recognized names in this market segment. I have also been working in sales and marketing of other highly recognized retail chains, such as CLAYS and Freddies.

The enclosed resume outlines my experience and skills in sales and marketing. I would like to meet you to discuss how my skills would benefit Avalon Clothes. I will call you in the beginning of next week to arrange for an interview.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,


Sophie Campbell

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