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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I ask about salary during the interview?

A. No, not usually, especially during a first interview. However, if the employer should address the subject be prepared to discuss.

Q. How do I prepare to discuss salary?

A. Know the salary range for the position in which you are applying. Know what you are worth. Know the minimum you will accept. Contact your Career Services office for assistance.

� There are many resources available on the Internet – such as http://www.salary.com. Listing the job and location will give you a salary range for a particular location. However, this is the average for the area – every company has its own salary matrix.

� Network and ask others that are in your career field about salary range.

As you gather this information remember to focus on what skills and experience you have to offer and not compare yourself to other individuals.

� Review business and trade periodicals.

Q. Now that I have researched the position and salary information, should I request a specific salary in the job interview?

A. No, avoid giving a specific salary, unless an offer has been made. Stick to the range. Your response could be, “I understand the range for a position such as this is between $25,000 and $30,000”. “What is the salary range for your company?”

� Do not over price yourself. If you have little or no experience, but have the educational background that the employer is seeking, when asked about your salary requirement, respond with the range. (i.e. “I understand the range for this position is between $25,000 - $30,000”).

� Do not sell yourself short by giving an exact dollar amount during the interview. (i.e. Interviewer - question: What salary are you looking for?

Your answer: I understand the salary range for in this area, for this type of position is between $25,000 - $30,000. With my education and experience I would like to be considered at the higher end of the range).

Salary Negotiation

Q. What is salary negotiation?

A. It is the flexibility that an applicant has to negotiate the employer’s salary offer.

Q. Is salary negotiation always an option?

A. No. On many entry-level jobs the salary is what it is, there is usually no room for negotiation. Also, keep in mind if a company is worth working for they will offer you a competitive salary. The employer is seeking to retain the individual that they hire.

Q. When is salary negotiation an option?

A. Salary negotiation is an option with many executive level and professional positions

� Many companies indicate when posting a job whether the salary is negotiable.

� However, keep in mind you must have something to negotiate – such as years of experience and advanced degrees in that particular field.

Q. Are part-time jobs negotiable, such as retail, fast-food, etc.?

A. No, not usually. The best way to get a salary increase in these fields is to let your performance speak for you. Do a good job.

Remember your work will always be a part of your work history.

So do the very best you can no matter what the position.

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