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Resume References Information

Whom should you use as references?
Past employers, professors or other faculty in your major, supervisors in volunteer work or internships serve as good candidates. Sending a copy of your resume can help them serve as better references for you.

What background information should you include on your references?
List their name, job title and the company/institution they work for. Include their home/work address, phone/fax number and e-mail addresses.

Following is the preferred order of sources, in the eyes of your potential employer:

  • Professional
  • Extracurricular Advisors
  • College Administrators
  • College Professors
  • Personal Professional Acquaintances

The one major exception to this is when your personal professional acquaintance is also connected with your potential employer (yes, it's called "pulling strings" and it's done all the time, so don't be ashamed). Then it goes to the top of your list. Please leave off personal acquaintances (one candidate I interviewed listed his mother as a reference, saying "who would know me better!") and religious acquaintances (five years as an altar boy is not typically considered a measure of employee loyalty).


  • Usually, availability of references (not an actual list of references) is indicated at the bottom of the r�sum�.
  • Often, names and contact information for references are provided only when requested and are not included with the r�sum�.
  • If you do send a list of references with your r�sum�, include it on a separate sheet and be sure that YOUR name appears on that sheet and that you provide full contact information (name, title, organization, mailing address, telephone number) for each reference.
  • If you are given an interview with a potential employer, you should have a list of references available when you go for the interview.
  • ALWAYS talk with potential references and obtain their permission BEFORE you offer their names to employers.
  • Usually, a minimum of three references is expected; ideally they should represent both academic and workplace experience.


Sample 1

REFERENCES           Available upon request

Sample 2:

           Available upon Request

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