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Questions to Ask in an Interview

The interview is an exchange of information. Ask questions to find out if the job is right for you!


  1. Do you have a formal training period?


  2. Will you describe a typical day for me?


  3. What problems do you hope to solve by the person you hire?


  4. How does this work area of the company fit in to the company as a whole?


  5. How many people will be working with me?


  6. Will I be traveling?


  7. What are the past contributions this position has made within the company?


  8. What mix of people skills and technical skills does your company prefer?


  9. Will there be frequent preformance reviews?


  10. Does the company have a policy of promoting from within, or do you usually look outside the company for the top jobs?


  11. What learning opportuntities are there for me in this company?


  12. What are the job-holder's most important relationships: client, other employees?


  13. What is the overall business philosophy of the organization?


  14. What is the company's general strategy for growth and expansion?


  15. What are the toughest problems you face in your company?

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