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Letter Inquiring about Application Status

If you have not heard anything from the employer since submitting your application at least two weeks prior, try to reach the  employer by telephone first. If that does not work and you can locate an e-mail address, send one something like this.

Application Inquiry Letter Example

Dear Ms. Clary:
I applied for your Account Representative position in the Walnut Creek area about three weeks ago and have not yet had a response. Since I am very interested in this position with your company, I am writing to inquire about the status of my application. Is the position still available? If it is, when might I hear if I have been selected for an interview?

I really appreciate your taking the time to read and respond to this note. Thank you for your consideration. 

John Drummond
2525 Orange Avenue
Chico, CA 59296


Application Inquiry Letter Example

Dear Ms. Rodgers:

About five weeks ago I submitted a resume to Ms. Sarah Frick, Director of Personnel, seeking a position as Statistician at Henry & Hitchcock, Inc.  Subsequently, I received a response from you stating that I would be considered if a vacancy occurred.

I am writing on this occasion in the hope that employment opportunities have improved and that a position is now available.  If not, please update my resume to indicate my continued availability and interest in a position with Henry & Hitchcock, Inc.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Phone number

Request for More Information

You might send this type of letter when you have been offered a job but need more information to reach a decision, or if you are applying for the position and need information prior to the interview. Usually a request such as this is made by phone, but whether you say it or e-mail it, the message is the same.

Request for More Information Letter Example

Dear Ms. Simmons:

First, may I thank you for the offer of employment as a _________________________ I am extremely happy to have this opportunity and confident I can promote the goals of the organization.

There are, however, a few questions I have regarding your firm and the position you’ve offered me.  Your offer did not include information about benefits provided by your organization.  I would appreciate clarification of this (these) matters prior to my final acceptance. 

I am looking forward to your reply and to working for (company name).


Phone Number

Request for Extension of Time

If you have received a job offer and the company would like you to make a decision by a certain date, you can request an extension. Again, this type of exchange usually occurs over the phone, but may also be appropriate for e-mail if you or the employer wish.

Request for Extension of Time Letter Example

Dear Mr. O'Grady:
Thank you very much for your offer of employment as a Manager Trainee with XYZ Corporation. I am very interested in the position, but would like to request additional time to make my decision. 

As you know, I am interviewing on campus this semester and considering several companies. The position with XYZ offers the long-range opportunity I am seeking, but I want to be sure that I am making the right decision. I hope to accept a position knowing I considered everything and can then focus whole-heartedly on making a contribution to the right employer.

I would like an extension until May1. Please let me know if that is possible and thank you again for the job offer.

Sincerely,  John Davis

Rejection of Job Offer

If you are rejecting a job offer, the important thing is to be as diplomatic as possible, since you never know what may happen.

Letter Declining Job Offer Example

Thank you for the offer of a position as a Sales Recruiter with Martain and Martain. After extensively considering my job offers, I have chosen to accept a position with another company. It was a difficult decision because your offers were comparable and I liked both companies, but location was the deciding factor. 

Thanks again for all the consideration you provided.

Sincerely,  Carrie Outtheplan


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