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Organizing Your Job Search

Organization is one of the most important components of a job search. Because searching for a job is a full-time job in itself, it is important that your efforts are thorough and structured. A job search binder is an important tool and can help tremendously in your search.

Some of the key components of a job search binder are:

Objective: This section is for determining your target jobs as well as your long-term goals.

Resume: You should keep plenty of copies of your resume that are ready to hand out.

References: It is a good idea to have at least three references. These can be instructors, managers, or co-workers. You should include the individual’s name, job title or relation, address and phone number. The references need to be printed on a separate page from your resume. Also, make sure you have the permission of the individual before you list them as a reference.
Recommendation Letters: Make sure you have copies of recommendation letters available to distribute at an interview.

Contacts: You will need to keep track of the resumes and applications that you send out. Create a contact list that includes the individual’s first and last name, title, company, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, physical address, and the position for which you applied. Keep track of what you sent to the contact such as resume, cover letter, thank you notes, etc. You will want to include space to note any phone conversations or interviews that you had with the company as well as space for general information about the company.

Work Examples: In this section you will want to include any awards or recognition that you received and any projects that show your quality of work.

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