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Networking Skills

“The people you meet today can be your single greatest resource for success tomorrow. No matter whom you are or what your goals may be, there will always be somebody somewhere in a position to help you. The secret is to have as many of those helpers as possible available to draw upon when the need arises”

Places to Network

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Civic Groups
  • Church
  • Work
  • Meetings
  • Online
  • Professional Associations
  • School

Steps for a Successful Initial Meeting

  • Smile
  • A good smile puts both parties at ease
  • Shake Hands
  • Shake hands using a firm yet not overbearing grip
  • Call the person you met by name
  • Will help you remember the persons name
  • Makes the person feel that they are important
  • Compliment often
  • People love to receive compliments
  • Give people your undivided attention
  • Don’t over do it!
  • 10 minutes is long enough for a first meeting

What do we talk about?

Guidelines for conversation:

  • Find a common ground
  • Don’t be eager, be honest
  • Be confident
  • Always have an opinion
  • Blend in
  • Leave on a good note

When should I follow up with a contact?

Following up on a monthly basis is the norm for proper networking.

Remember: The goal of networking is to establish a contact. A person who can assist you in advancing your professional life.

Basic Etiquette
“Basic etiquette is an important part of presenting a positive image to your boss or to your clients or customers.”


What if something gets stuck in your mouth?
The rule is that it should come out of your mouth the way it came in.
If it went in by hand it should come out by hand.
If it went in with a spoon or fork it should come out with a spoon or fork.
The only exception are bones which may be removed by hand.

What do I order at a restaurant?
Order something that is modestly priced.
Don’t order something that is messy.
Don’t order alcohol.
If you aren’t sure ask your host to recommend something.

Who pays the Bill?
If you are invited for a meal you are not expected to pay.

If I have a 9:00am appointment what time should I arrive?
You should arrive between 8:50am-9:00am. Lateness is unacceptable.

If I am invited to my employers home what should I bring?
Flowers, plants, chocolate, wine, and alcohol are all acceptable gifts.

How should I dress for a meeting if there is no mention of dress code?
When in doubt, you should dress as if you were attending a formal business meeting.

If I am at a bar or cocktail party, what hand should I hold my drink in?
You should always hold your drink with your left hand. This will allow you to shake with your right.

Is it ok to “get drunk” at the company Christmas party?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Consumption in excess of two alcoholic beverages is frowned upon in most social circles.

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