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  • Resume in .pdf format
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Other items to add to this page:

  • Choose the Format menu>Page title and properties>general:  Enter a title, author, description
  • Choose the Format menu>Page colors and background: Choose text and link colors, enter the name of a background graphic or choose a color. Be certain to choose colors and/or backgrounds that are relatively conservative for professional pages. Your personal pages are the place for unusual colors and/or patterns. Also, even if you use a background image, choose a backgroun
  • Add an e-mail link: Highlight "Your e-mail address," click on "Link," enter in the dialog box the following link information: mailto:your_username@your_server.extension (for example, for my e-mail at NKU, I would enter "mailto:rkdrury@nku.edu" without the quotation marks.
  • Consider leaving your home address and telephone off your resume webpages.
  • Be sure to add e-mail contact information and a date updated.
  • If you are not looking for work, state this on your resume pages, or remove them from the web when class ends.

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