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Marketing Yourself During the Interview

Does this sound familiar: "I know that I would be the best candidate for the job. So, why haven’t they called?" Sometimes it may seem as if you are not even given the chance to prove what a wonderful employee you would be.

Rule # 1 of Job Searching: Employers are not going to be banging at your door begging you to come in for an interview.

This may be humbling and hard to digest at first. But there are hungry animals out there who go the extra mile just to get that interview and YOUR potential dream job. It will be hard for you to compete if you are not as prepared as your job seeking peers.

What does it take to be prepared?

Two components: Networking and Outstanding Personal Marketing Tools.

What is Networking?

Networking is using all of the people that you have known, currently know, currently don’t know, and friends and relatives of people you know and don’t know. In short, networking involves letting everybody know that you are looking for a new job and ASKING FOR THEIR HELP!

What are Personal Marketing Tools?

Personal Marketing Tools are all documents that help sell you to a prospective employer. They include a targeted resume, personalized cover letter, professional reference list, and salary history. Personal Marketing also involves presentation, such as using executive-class paper, 9x12 envelopes so your resume is not folded, and resume presentation folders. With a high level and coordinated package, you are setting yourself apart from the crowd. You are sending a message to the employer about your seriousness and attention to detail.

The Dynamic Duo:

Networking and Personal Marketing Tools
When systematically and consistently orchestrated, you will find yourself being called in for interviews.

The First Step

Swallow your pride. Make a list of work and personal acquaintances. Think about people who may be in your field of interest or who may have a wife, husband, friend, or uncle in your field of interest. Pick up the phone and call! Let them know that you are job hunting and would appreciate any leads. Not all calls will result in a job interview. But one just may!

If you mailed your resume in response to an advertisement and were not called, call them! Tell them that you are calling to ensure that your resume has been received, and have them pull your resume to the top of the stack. If you faxed your resume, follow up by sending a hard copy in the mail and then calling them.

The Second Step

Have your Personal Marketing Tools ready to go. Send each person who you spoke with a Thank You letter along with a couple of copies of your targeted resume. Always be prepared! You never know when a prospective employer may ask you to provide a reference list or a salary history, so don’t be caught off-guard. Most importantly, don’t give up. Your persistence will pay off!

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