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Employers Have 4 Basic Questions That Must Be Answered

1. Why are you here?

2. What can you do for us?

3. What kind of person are you?

4. Can they afford you?

The employers seek to get these questions answered through asking traditional and behavioral questions during an interview.

Traditional Interview Questions and Answers

Q.  What are your career goals?  Whatever your career goals, it is important to you show how the particular position is relevant in reaching your goal.


A.  Just recently I received my associates in accounting. My immediate goal is to find a position, such as this, to apply the accounting knowledge I have gained over the last two years………


Q.  Why are you interested in this position? This is a great opportunity to talk about your skills and what you would bring to the organization.  Make sure you know why you are interested in the position.  Avoid statements such as, “I heard you had an opening”, “I need a job”, etc.


A. This position is in alignment with my career path.  With my education and experience I know I could add value to your organization. 


Q.  Why are you interested in this company?  Do your research on the company – the company’s web site is a good resource.


A.   Your company is on the cutting edge when it comes to serving your customers.  I understand from your web site that you just implemented a new accounting system, that will allow the accounting department to work more efficiently.

Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

Q. Describe an experience where you served on a team. What was your role? What was accomplished? (Many companies and organizations strive to work as teams, even if every position is totally different)


A. Working as a bank teller, I served on the marketing committee. The committee consisted of representative from each division. In my role, I provided input from the teller’s perspective, such as the questions that they received from customers and potential customers. The objective was to come up with some attractive marketing material that would promote the services offered by the bank. As a result of our efforts, we created 3 attractive brochures and a revised website that included frequently asked questions and answers.


Q. Describe a situation where your work was criticized. This question not only allows the interviewer to see how you would respond if your work is criticized, it allows them to see how you handle other situations that are challenging are less favorable. Make sure that you always end with a positive spin.


A. One of our customers complained to my supervisor that I did not provide him with adequate information for a particular item that we had in our store. I explained to my supervisor the information that I had shared with the customer and told her that I would call the customer to see what other information he needed. She shared with me that she took care of the situation, and explained that he wanted more details about the product. That was a good learning experience for me. As a result of this situation, I designed a checklist for the department with details concerning our products for all the customer service representatives to use.


Q. Describe a situation where you experienced a conflict. No matter your job or position you are subject to have conflicts at some point. The employer is probing to find out not only how you handle conflict, but your personality style as well. They are seeking to find out if you would be a good fit for their organization.


A. My co-worker and I were not in agreement about the intake information that we received from our customers. She wanted them to sign their name on the list when they walked into the door. I felt that they should sign in, however I wanted a more detailed intake form to track exact needs. After discussing our differences, and our rationale we looked at the situation from the customer’s perspective. Since my customers’ needs were more diverse than that of my co-worker, we decided to have all customers sign in, and I would provide my customers with a detailed in-take form.

Questions to ask the Employer

1.      What skills are required to successfully handle this position?


2.      What are your immediate objectives?


3.      What are your expectations for the individual you select?


4.      What has been some of the challenges in this position?


5.      Why is this position open?


6.      When will you make a decision?



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