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Before the Job Interview: Interview Preparation

Frequently when looking for a job people will often schedule numerous appointments on a given day to maximize the number of employers they meet with. While meeting with more than one employer in a day is perfectly acceptable, arriving late to a appointment is unacceptable. Keeping this in mind, it is important that you not only allow for travel time but also allow for interview time. A safe time frame to allow for an interview is two hours. Therefore, if you have a 9:00am interview with one company and you must travel an hour to another company for an interview you should not schedule that second interview until 1:00pm. That will allow time for both the interview and travel delays in case of traffic or transit problems.

Go Alone
Quite simply, the company you are interviewing with only wants to hire YOU! They are not interested in meeting your child, spouse, or ride at the interview. ALL companies frown upon bringing other people to an interview.

Arrive Early
Plan to arrive to your interview early, at least 15 minutes prior to your interview time. This will allow you to clear security, and check your appearance in the rest room.

Greet Everyone with a Smile
You should greet everyone that you meet with a smile. This includes the interviewer, the receptionist, the security guard, even the janitor. By projecting your friendly and pleasant disposition you are likely to create good first impressions which may land you a position.

Review Prepared Notes
At the interview, while waiting for your interviewer, take the opportunity to review the notes you have prepared for the interview, as well as, your resume.

Stand and Greet Interviewer with a Firm Hand Shake
Both men and women alike should shake hands the same way. The one hand, straight up and down handshake is the most effective and professional, make eye contact, smile you have made it this far now help the interviewer to discover why you are the best person for the position.


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