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1234 University Parkway
 Boca Raton, FL 33431
 (561) 555-4321
 March 27, 2000
 Ms. Stephanie P. Tatoe
 Manager of College Relations
 Frito-Lay Company
 P.O. Box 789
 Dallas, TX 75235
 Dear Ms. Tatoe,
 I am very interested in the Frito-Lay sales and marketing position posted in the Career Development Center of the Florida Atlantic University. When I graduate in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, I would like to begin a career in sales and marketing with your organization.
 You will note from the enclosed resume that many of my extracurricular and work experiences involved the organization, promotion, and publicizing of events. My background includes direct sales experience soliciting customers for COMB Company and success in managing employees in various capacities. My most challenging and rewarding experience to date was working with Senator Kirkpatrick in the organization of his last successful legislative campaign. I am confident that I have the sales and managerial skills required to be a contributing members of the Frito-Lay organization.
 A letter and resume can tell you only so much about my motivation and qualification. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my background with you in person. I will call you at the end of next week to discuss whether such a meeting would be possible and to confirm the appropriate next steps.
 Thank you for your consideration.
 Johnny B. Good

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