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Following Your Interview

Immediately after each interview write a thank you note to the individual(s) who interviewed you. The note should be brief and typed on letter quality bond paper and, ideally, should be received within two or three days of the interview. In writing such a note, you will have an opportunity to highlight or comment on topics which were discussed in the interview and will be able to reinforce your interest in the position. You may also wish to send a brief thank you note to any members of support staff (secretaries, receptionists) in the organization that were especially helpful to you during the selection process.

Follow the interviewers' instructions regarding follow-up phone calls. Some organizations may prefer that you call the human resources department or the hiring department after one week. Others may ask that you not call, but rather wait to receive a letter. In either case, if three or four weeks have passed and you have not heard from the organization, it is reasonable to call and inquire about the status of your candidacy.

Other Suggestions

Practice! Interviewing, like any other complex set of skills, only improves with practice. It is a near certainty that your first interview will not be as polished as your second, nor your second as polished as your third, and so on. An excellent way to assess and develop your interview skills is to conduct a "mock interview" with a staff member in the Career Planning Center.

Prior to this practice or "mock interview", you would provide the staff member with a copy of your resume and a written description of your target position and organization. You would then appear at a prearranged time in proper interview attire, meet in one of the Center's interview rooms, and respond to both general and position-specific questions posed by the "interviewer". After completing a 20-30 minute interview, the staff member will take time to review your performance, note your strengths, and discuss strategies for improvement.

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