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Grandy Buranos
2211 Heartland Avenue
Newark, NJ 09001
(201) 555-1234

February 22, 1996


Ms. Emily Aliaga
Executive Director
The Hathaway Advertising Group
4444 Strathmore Terrace
Chicago, IL 12345


Dear Ms. Aliaga,

The recent feature in Advertising magazine highlighted The Hathaway Group as one of the fastest growing regional advertising agencies in the Midwest. An entry-level position on your team would enable me to contribute my proven qualifications and interests in media, design and finance to your rapidly developing enterprise.

This May, I will receive my Bachelor's degree from Hillsdale University with a dual degree in economics and art history. I have recently completed my senior thesis exploring the development of poster art in America, for which I have been awarded academic honors. Throughout my collegiate career I have focussed my extracurricular efforts on Quill, my university's quarterly literary and art journal. Since my appointment a year and a half ago to the position of Editor in Chief, subscriptions have increased by 10%, and for the first time, Quill was honored as one of the top ten publications of it's kind by the American Collegiate Council of Arts and Letters.

I intend to visit the Chicago area in early April to prepare for my move to the city this summer. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you during my upcoming trip to discuss the possibility of my employment with your company.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume as well as an abstract of my thesis and of Quill for your review. I will call to arrange a meeting and look forward to speaking with you.


Grandy Buranos



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