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  • Appears above experience if:
    • You are still in school and applying for a Co-op position or internship
    • You are just completing your education
    • You have a degree that is required or particularly desirable for the job
  • Lists most recent degree first (reverse chronological order)
  • Always includes degree and major field of study, date of graduation (or "expected graduation date" if you are still enrolled), school, city and state
  • May list professional certifications, study abroad, titles of courses relevant to the job you are seeking, minor courses of study or "concentrations," academic honors you earned (these may be listed in a separate section if there are many of them), special skills (i.e. computer skills which may also be listed in a separate section), your overall GPA and/or GPA in your major if it is higher. (IF you include GPA, always explain the system your GPA is based on: 3.87/4.0. IF your GPA is below 3.0/4.0, you probably should not include it.)
  • Does not list your high school



Sample 1


EDUCATION   BS in Mechanical Engineering, May 1997
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Minor: Business Management

Engineering Graphics
Solid Mechanics
  Strength of Mechanical Components
Properties of Engineering Materials
Dynamics of Machines

Operating Systems: UNIX, DOS, WINDOWS 95 and NT, Linux
Programs: AutoCAD, Cadence, Microsoft Office

Sample 2


  Master of Business Administration (Expected May 1998)
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, Durham, NC
GPA 3.5/4.0

Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude (1996)
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Major: Mechanical Engineering Minor: Business Management
GPA: 3.89 / 4.0; 4.0 in major


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