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The following is an example of an acceptable cover letter that will accompany a resume to a potential employer. Be absolutely sure your letter is as professional-looking as possible. Use a laser printer to produce it, and be absolutely sure that it contains no spelling, grammatical, capitalization, or punctuation errors. These types of errors will doom your application process from the very beginning.

December 10, 1994

Mr. Gerald Harshman
Director of Personnel
Phillips Research Company
3756 Morehouse Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46224

Dear Mr. Harshman,

I am interested in applying for the research statistician position that was advertised in the January 8 issue of the Indianapolis Star.

As indicated by my resume, I will receive a B.A. degree in psychology from Marian College in May, 1995. I believe that my background and experience in statistics and research qualify me for this challenging type of work.

I would be most happy to meet with you at your convenience to further describe my qualifications for and interest in this position. Letters of recommendation are available from the references listed in my resume.

Please contact me at: Marian College
3200 Cold Spring Road
Indianapolis, IN 46222-1997

Thank you for your attention.


Tim Ellinger

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