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Do follow the rules of layout and format for a standard business letter.

Do slant letter toward what you can offer employers, not what you think they should be offering you.

Do address the letter—whenever possible—to an individual, along with their correct title.

Do spell, punctuate and indent paragraphs correctly.

Do write in your own words and in conversational language.

Do hand sign, rather than type your signature.

Do use good-quality paper.

Do be brief, concise and to the point.

Do take advantage of any link to the employer that can put your foot in the door or give you an edge over the competition.

Don’t use stiff language or phrasing.

Don’t be gimmicky in an attempt to be original or clever.

Don’t load letter with constant use of the pronoun “I.”

Don’t be lofty in tone or indicate you will do the employer a great service by “considering” a position.

Don’t be excessively emphatic about your reliability, capacity for hard work or intelligence. This kind of self-appraisal is usually best understated. The appearance and tone of your letter and resum´┐Ż can say more about you than you can gracefully say about yourself.


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