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Dear Mr./Ms Blank:

1st paragraph - Explain why you are writing; identify the position and your source of information. Indicate in summary form your strongest qualifications for the position using a series of phrases. Should contain at least 3 sentences.

2nd paragraph - Outline your qualifications and experiences in detail and show how they match the position requirements. As much as possible, provide evidence of your related work, extracurricular, and academic experiences and accomplishments. Refer to your resume. Should have between 5-10 sentences.

3rd paragraph - Optional. Convince the employer that you have the personal qualities and motivation to succeed. Relate your interests and qualities to your knowledge of the company. Should have 3-8 sentences.

4th paragraph - Thank the person for looking at your application. Offer to provide any necessary additional information and indicate how and when you can be contacted. Should have 3-5 sentences.


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