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Appearance and First Impressions During an Interview

First impressions may not be "everything", but before you've even said a word, the recruiter will have developed an impression of you based on your appearance. You can't afford to have that initial impression be anything less than positive.

Proper attire for an interview for both men and women typically consists of well-tailored conservative business suits in dark blues or grays. Pair your suit with a clean, pressed shirt or blouse in white or blue and well-polished dress shoes. Men should wear a conservative tie. Also, men should be clean shaven and women should avoid excessive make-up. All candidates should avoid excessive jewelry and should be neat, well-groomed, and not overly scented.

You need not bring a briefcase, but we suggest that you bring a simple leather portfolio with a notepad, a pen, and a few extra copies of your resume.

For additional information on how to dress for an interview, visit Interview Wear.

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