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  • Show the interviewer that you're an efficient speaker
  • Think about what you're going to say
  • Make your point
  • Wait for the next question
The following are examples of winning anwsers. These may be used as models. Your answers should be tailored to fit your indicidualized strengths, background and education.

Why should we hire you?

I've talked with a number of your employees and know your company by reputation. With my participation in various business orginizations, I have learned to coordinate and organize many activities. It appears to be a good match and would probably result in a long term relationship.

What is your biggest strength?

I think my ability to get the job done is my biggest strength. I take great pride in accomplishing something efficently, on time, and with no errors. I'm also a "team worker" and able to get along with people at different levels.

What is your biggest weakness?

Sometimes my ____________________ tells me I'm too concerned about doing a good job at work. I suppose that could also be viewed as a strength also, though.

How long would you stay with our company?

From all I've been able to find out, this should be a long time. The personality of your company appears to match my own, and I think the relationship would work out well.

Are you willing to relocate?

If you are: Yes. I can't think of any region in the country that I would find really unacceptable. After all, every inner sity has its suburbs. The only real differences are weather and the accents. My family can always return to ______________ to visit. If you are not: Not unless the opportunity is really exceptional, since it would mean uprooting my family. However, I'd like to keep my options open, If the potential is here, I'll consider it seriously.

What positions do you expect to have in five years?

This depends not only upon my work preformance, but also on the growth of the company. However, I hope to be in a position of responsibility in the ________ area.

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