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The writer of this document does a fine job of demonstrating how his skills match the reader's needs, and how he is uniquely qualified for the position.

450 West Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone 225-555-1669  Fax 225-555-3291
Email jcousteau@ibm.net  

April 29, 1999

ProTech Systems Group
Recruiting Department
5545 Murray Road, Suite 300
Memphis, TN 38119

Dear Recruiting Department:

Please consider me for a summer internship / summer job at ProTech Systems Group.  I will be in the city of Nashville, Tennessee from May 24,1999 to August 16,1999.

As you see from my resume, my major is Information Systems and Decision Sciences / Management Information Systems with an emphasis in Accounting.  Through out my employment history I have taken positions in the upper management area of the computer and telecommunications fields.  In staying active in this field I have been able to keep abreast of the ever-changing computer industry.  I have dealt with individuals as well as corporate entities in planning, and implementing information systems.  I have also been highly active in building and repairing such systems to meet customer needs.   These positions have required high levels of leadership, salesmanship, and personal communication skills.

In working for my own company I have learned the immense decision making pressures placed upon management, and the best methods of conveying critical systems information to non technical persons. In dealing with the entire aspect from "needs assessment" to implementation of information systems, I have learned how crucial it is to meet company deadlines and be a team player. I have also been well connected to the leaders of the computing industry, (IBM, Intel, Gateway, 3COM, etc.) through knowledge and product sharing services.  My companies last major project was the assessment and implementation of an automated library information system at a local elementary school (based on a Windows NT network).  I will be happy to send you a copy of my solutions report for the school, upon your request.  I believe it will convey the quality of my performance.

I am highly interested in putting my Systems Analyst skills to work for ProTech Systems Group.  I am available for an interview at your convenience.

Thank You,

Jacques Cousteau
Attachment Resume

Jacques Cousteau
450 West Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone 225-555-1669  Fax 225-555-3291
Email jcousteau@ibm.net

Systems Analyst (Available in Nashville May 24,1999 - August 6,1999)


  Louisiana State University,   Baton Rouge, Louisiana   July 2000

Major: Information Systems & Decision Sciences / Management Information Systems
Minor: Accounting


 Present - June 1997
Computer Tutor--Systems Analyst

  • � Founded
  • � Managed / Operated
  • � Computer Sales / Installation / Repair
  • � Network Sales / Installation / Administrator
  • (Win NT, Win 95/98, Novell)
  • � Instruct Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, and      Power Point
  • � Digital / Analog  Satellite Sales / Installation / Support
  • � Authorized Gateway Computer Reseller

May 1997 - June 1996
O&D Enterprises, Ltd.--Systems Analyst Assistant

  • � In charge of computer consultation / acquisition
  • � Implemented computer automation
  • � Telecommunications / Radiocommunications Manager

August 1995 - June 1995
Baton Rouge Cigarette Service, (A division of O&D Enterprises, Ltd.)

  • Computer Consultant / Electronics Repair Technician
  • � Assisted in Video Game Repair
  • � Assisted in Juke Box Repair
  • � Advised Management in computer consultation

3COM Certified Networking Partner


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