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Blocks that contain information about relevant skills (such as computer or language skills), activities and professional affiliations, and courses relevant to the job you are applying for may be included separately or as "sub-blocks" of the required, major headings. Placement should be determined by the information you have to include and the emphasis you wish to place on specific information. Remember always that you want to provide easy audience access to the most persuasive information in your application materials. Examples of various placements of similar information were already noted in the Format: R�sum� Honors/Awards section.

It will be helpful here to look at the two completed r�sum�s created from the samples we have developed.

Sample R�sum�s

The following sample r�sum�s were created from the separate blocks we discussed.

Sample 1

Sample 1 places Relevant Courses and Computer Skills as "sub-blocks" of Education. This applicant has further subdivided computer skills into Operating Systems and Programs. Honors are listed separately, providing emphasis for the word honors.

Sample 2

Note: Unlike Sample 1, Sample 2 includes a separate block for Computer Skills rather than including it under Education. Affiliation with professional societies is also provided as a separate section, emphasizing the applicant's participation in professional activities.

Now you have all the guidelines you need to prepare a r�sum� that presents a successful argument. However, before creating your r�sum�, study the "Application Letter as Argument" materials and complete the exercise.

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