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Acknowledging A Job Offer

Acknowledging A Job Offer

Courtesy dictates that you acknowledge a written job offer, even if you are not ready to accept or decline it. Take note of the details of the offer and respond appropriately. Items to remember:

  • Thank the employer for the opportunity presented;
  • Indicate that you understand the terms of the offer, or if you don’t, ask for clarification;
  • A smart employer will know that you need to consider various employment options in order to make a wise decision; you may need to compare the offer to another pending offer;
  • However, you may need to make a decision before you know whether or not you will receive another offer.

Declining A Job Offer

  • If you choose to decline a job offer, do so courteously, in writing, after making a phone call.
  • Never say anything negative in writing about the employer, even if you had a negative experience.
  • If you had a very negative experience.
  • A decision to decline an offer is usually based on the fact that another offer is a better fit for your interests and goals. It is fine to state this, without giving details about why the declined offer is not a fit.
  • It is not necessary to state whose offer you accepted, but you may do so if you wish.
  • Remember that this employer may be a contact for you in the future. Maintain professional, courteous relations.


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